Saturday, January 25, 2020

001 - How to check call details of Any mobile number

Hello friends, hope all of you doing well.. In this article I will show you how to get all the call details or messages received by your son/ daughter etc., in their mobile phones. The application i am going to discuss here is very interesting, so to get more information please read this article carefully and completely.

Now a days everyone has got the mobile and the kids are constantly on their devices through the day and night, it has become hectic to the parents to monitor their kids and to know whether they are using the mobile phone in correct manner or not. so many parents are facing this kind of situation now a days, to over come this problem you can use one of the most trusted application called "PhoneLeash", download link is provided at the end of this article.

The main drawback of this application is, it is available in trail version for 30 days, you want to use it further again you need to buy the app, apart from this feature, one can use this application effectively to monitor their kinds activities in their mobile phones.

To check the call details, messages etc., all you need to do is just click the below download button provided in the end of this article and download the app., once you download the application then install it, after successful installation of the app give all the permission which it asks, once you finish that you will be ready to access its features. Remember you should install this application in the phone from which you want to track the call details, messages etc.

When you first open this application, it will ask you to create the password so please create the strong password so that nobody can open it. and it is also having great feature called hiding, once you install the app in the victim mobile then press the hide icon, so that this app will disappear on their phone so that they cannot easily identify the app which is installed in their phone and there is less chance of suspecting about the new application present in their mobile phone.

The next most important setting is, add the mobile number or email of yours where you want to get the call details or messages from the phone where you installed this application. once you add the mobile number or e mail id, whenever this app installed phone gets message or call, the same will be forwarded to your mobile or email. you can directly checkout that and you can track the status of the person.

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