Tuesday, January 28, 2020

002 - How to earn money from BHIM app

Welcome back you all to, today i am here to deal with one more interesting application called BHIM, and i will share you how you can make pocket money out of this app through some simple exercise. To know more about this concept please read this article completely so that you will get an clear idea about how to get money by simply sitting home itself.

BHIM is generally referred as Bharat Interface for Money, this application is one of the most widely used app in India for making any sort of payment through online mode. The most interesting part of this application is, this application is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India, so you can make use of this application and its referral program feature to earn your pocket money that to without any doubt of payment.

By using this application anybody can send the money by just simply entering their mobile number which is linked to the bank account or by entering the bank details of the recipient, by doing this within a fraction of second you can send the money with instantly and securely. There is no restriction for the users, anybody can use this application and take use of that, but the thing is you should have the active bank account, mobile number registered with the bank account and the Debit card as well, once you have all these things, you are ready to go.

With respect to the bank list present in this application, almost all the banks tied up with this BHIM application and readily giving there service via this application.

The most simple and secure transaction in your preferred language can be made by using this application, so this application has became most popular in India, most of the people have this application in there mobile phones, but nobody knows about the referral program of this application and how one can benefit from this, so in this article i am completely briefing about the referral program of the BHIM application.

For every single refer user will get 80 Rs., here referring means not only simply installing this application, referring means the referrer should promote the application in such a way that he should install the application and then he / she should make the first payment using this application, then only it will be considered as the complete referral. Once he make his first payment using the referral link the referrer will get 80 Rs. instantly, so by this way anybody can make money by simply referring the application. This will help the students are any other poor people who depends on there family for there pocket money.

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