Saturday, February 15, 2020

004 - Know about BharatPe

BharatPe is one of the leading upi payment app in India and which is absolutely free to use, the most important feature of this application is, it accepts payments through all the other upi payment application like Bhim, Google pay, Whatsapp, Amazon pay, PhonePe etc., with the single QR code unless like other application that scans only that particular application QR code to transfer the money. By this way this BharatPe application stands top as compared to all other payment application available in the google playstore, so in this article I will be discussing on the steps to install and use the BharatPe application and at the end of this article I will be providing you a download link for this application, you can directly download it or else you can search in google playstore.

This application got the 3+ rating, and having 500 K+ downloads, the application size is around 20 MB, once you download this application, it asks you for sign with the simple mobile interface where it asks multiple questions like Business name, Business location and Bank details etc. please fill out all the basic details correctly so that your mobile number and bank account everything will be verified by the BharatPe team and the account will be activated within 24 hours of the signup process, remember it also depends on the information you provided, if everything is correct the activation of account will be faster.

One more important feature of this application is free QR code sticker availability, after successful activation of your BharatPe account, you can request for the QR stickers for free, the BharatPe team will send you the QR code stickers with your account QR code printed on it that you can use it in your store or any site where you want make business, this QR code is designed in such a way that it will accept money from all the other payment app.

Processing of the payment you received to the BharatPe application will be transferred within 24 hours to your bank account without any transaction charge etc, you can also generate invoice from this application, that how much sale or purchase you made from this application to keep track on your business.

You can also get loan upto 5 lakhs from this application without any paper work and without any bank visit and with the daily instalments, this is also one of the best feature for one who wants to start business or any other poor people who are looking for loan amount.

The Business card option of this application enables us to share your payment QR code to any merchant from where you want to receive money, this business card option is well designed with attractive QR code card it just look like a visiting card of our business with payment gateway also.

This is all about the BharatPe application, if you have any doubt about the application feel free to leave your question on comment box and if you like this article please hit thumbsup, once again thank you for reading this article.

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