Thursday, February 27, 2020

012 - How to use WhatsApp Web

Hi friends, thank you for visiting, in this article I will be discussing on how to use WhatsApp Web. To know more about this please read this article completely so that you will get a clear idea about WhatsApp Web usage and its advantage.

All of us know that WhatsApp is the most widely used application in all over the world, you cannot find mobile without WhatsApp application that much familiar app this is. Few years back WhatsApp introduced its web version to make convenient to the users to chat while working or using their PC, but still many of us not know how to use this WhatsApp Web version. So in this article I am trying to make you understand the WhatsApp Web feature completely.

Imagine you are doing some important work in your computer and let suppose you need to send some important message to your colleague or etc. at a same time, this will annoy you because at a time you need to handle computer as well as the mobile for doing work and sending message respectively, so to out come from this problem you can move towards the WhatsApp Web version.

Usage of WhatsApp Web is very simple, all you need to do is in your computer browser just search for WhatsApp Web, once you do this you will get WhatsApp Web official site where you can connect your mobile WhatsApp to your PC and start messaging. After opening the web version just open your WhatsApp application present in your mobile, and it top right end corner you will find the three dots (beside the search option), just simply tap on the three dots which will brings you to the drop down menu. In the drop down menu you will get half a dozen of option, in that you need to select WhatsApp Web.

When you open WhatsApp Web option from your mobile phone, it starts displaying the QR code scanner by opening the mobile phone camera. Just simply scan the QR code shown in your PCs WhatsApp Web application, once it successfully scans the device you are ready to go. The mobile page will start showing in your browser you can directly chat from your computer itself.

The main advantage of this web version is you don’t need to see mobile every time when you are working in your PC, and sometime when you want to share some file from your PC then there is no need to share that file from your PC to your phone for sending it through WhatsApp application, you can directly connect your WhatsApp to PC and select the file from your PC and can send any files instantly.

So this is how one can use the WhatsApp Web version and take its advantage by simplifying your work task. Hope this article is helpful for you, if you like this article please share with your friends so that they will also come to know about the WhatsApp Web and if you have any question then you can ask your question in the below comment box.

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