Tuesday, February 25, 2020

009 - Important WhatsApp Tricks

Now a day, it is impossible to find the person who is not having the WhatsApp application in their mobile phone. Almost all are using WhatsApp application in their daily life, even though many of us use WhatsApp but most of us don’t know the incredible features included in it. So, in this article I will share you some important options that you can use in WhatsApp effectively and make the people to wonder about the feature you used in the normal WhatsApp application.

Many of us one or the other time feel that we don’t want show our online presence to others but due to lack of knowledge and usage of this WhatsApp application we will end up the “let it be”, but do you know how smart we can use the option to hide the online presence from everybody, to do this just follow the simple steps, that is for android user go to the “Menu” option and in that you will find the “Setting” option just tap on that and enter to the “Account” option and in that you can find the “Privacy” setting, just open this setting and set to “Personal Data Visibility”, now you are done with the setting and you will not be visible to any one even though when you are in online mode.

You can also italicize the fonts with the simple tips, whenever you want to make the words italics just follow this rules, to italicize just enter the “_” symbol and type your desired word and again enter “_” underscore symbol, this will brings you the italicized font.

For example: _Sample Text_ (Result – Sample Text)

Sometimes you need to send the text in bold font, to make this just simply enter “*” symbols at before and after the texts, this make the font to change into bold.

For example: *Sample Text* (Result – Sample Text)

Apart from this you can also make variety of styles, in that strike through font is also one where you can text anybody with strike through in it, to make this strike through font is just simple twiddles on both the sides of the text you want send, it brings you the strike through text.

For example: ~Sample Text~ (Sample Text)

Many times your friends or partner etc will block your WhatsApp chat/contact but you will not come to know that and you will simply send message to them and wait for their reply to come, but without wasting any time you can easily find out whether anybody is blocked you are not with these simple steps. All you need to do is when somebody blocks you in WhatsApp, just check whether the last seen of that person in the chat is visible to you or not, if it is not visible that may be the first sign that shows your number is blocked, if it does not works well checkout the second step is you will not see any avatar picture in the profile by this way also you can confirm and the last and third important sign is your sent message will be ticked once instead of ticking twice.

Okay guys this is all about few WhatsApp tips, hope you guys found this article helpful, if you have any doubts then don’t forget to leave question in the below comment box.

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