Monday, February 24, 2020

008 - Motorala Razr Smart Phone Review

Hello everyone, in this article I am sharing a review on Motorola Razr mobile phone, this Motorola Razr comes with the interesting box which itself feels like amazing to hold and looks pretty fancy, along with that you also get neatly packaged accessories in it.

At first sight when you open this package you will get an booklet showing all the features and how to use this phone etc. and inside this box you will also get charge and ear phone with some extra ear buds with Razr branding in it and these ear phone comes with braded cable that itself adds some extra look and feel to the ear phone, when you hold it on your hand you will feel the built in quality and super finishing of the product.

The charging or data transfer cable comes with braded wire that make the tough quality of the wire, the power adapter available with the phone will be of capacity 80W with fast charging mode.

This phone is foldable type one, where you can fold the phone and easily keep in your pocket, now a days it is becoming trend and almost all the companies trying to introduce the foldable phone, recently Samsung also released the foldable phone and the interesting feature of the Motorola Razr is when you fold the phone also you will get top screen with Amoled display in it, under the folding condition itself you can operate the phone and access some of the features directly.

When you open it up it makes quite noise but it is very smooth to open it does not have the jarring effect or anything else and when you close this phone you don’t find any gap that is actually very nice about this app, it fits closely and give clear and smarty look to it. At the chin portion you will find the finger print scanner again this also make good attribute to this phone.

In this phone you can also find one more interesting feature called Retro Razr, if you select that option it loads the old style Razr style that is pretty good in this phone. When you come to the built quality, the built quality is very good as compared to other version of the Motorola devices but this phone is foldable one, you need to be very careful while using the phone, because the display is made up of plastic.

This pone is also got Snapdragon 710 SOC which again adds one more feather to this phone, along with that this phone is also got 128 GB internal storage capacity, 6 GB RAM.

The camera quality of this phone is very excellent; this phone comes with 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera which gives you a very clean photo and video quality and satisfies your need along with that you will get 2510 mAh battery so you cannot expect much usability time because battery capacity is very low as compared to other smart phones available in the market, so battery capacity may disappoint you. Apart from this all the features are good in this phone.

So this is all about Motoroal Razr, hope this article will help you in getting clear cut idea about this phone, if you have any questions feel free to ask in your comment box, thank you for reading this article and visit again to

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