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Thursday, February 27, 2020

February 27, 2020

011 - Boost your Android Battery Life

Hey whatsup guys, in this article I will be sharing some important tips about how to save your mobile battery life and make it work for a longer time than the usual.

Now a day the android phone comes with the plenty of applications pre- installed in it, some may be very essential and some may not depending on the user’s interest on the particular app. However, many of us not going to use all the application and among them some application drains the battery very quickly by running under background, to overcome from this problem simply follow the below steps and protect your mobile battery from draining very fast.

Apart from the application installed in it, there is also our common mistake will find the way for poor battery life and those are brightness screen and the excess charging than the actual requirement.

Many times what happens is, most of us keep the mobile charging at night time while sleeping, the actual duration required for charging is 4-5 hours for most of the android phones but what we do is we just simply keep it for charging for 8-10 hours, this makes loss in storage capacity of the battery due to continues supply of the power and some people will simply keep on charging their mobile even though the battery is not fully drained this is also a major issue in saving the battery life. So the proper charging mode is plug the charger when the mobile pops up the battery low notification and keep it for 4-5 hours and unplug the charger, this also increase the life of your mobile battery or else battery will be lost for few months.

At some emergency situation you can also keep your mobile to ultra power saver mode in order to save the battery power, so this setting may tend to save the battery charger for next four to five hours. This is also one good option for the user and one more important thing is simply uninstall the unwanted application from your mobile to get rid of faster battery draining.

Some of the recently introduced android phones have the built in feature that removes all the unwanted debug files and crashed files etc. by cleaning the space, this in turns reduce the battery energy sucking up from these files. Using wifi option is also battery friends as compared to the usage of cellular data, because cellular data consumes much battery power by receiving the data signal but wifi uses less amount of battery energy.

In some cases people use voice assistant for work giving any input to their mobile phone and when the mobile phone is not in use at that time also the voice assistant run background in order to keep the phone wake to get next input from the user immediately so this may cause faster drain of the battery, for this my best suggestion is when you sleep or when the mobile is not in use please switch off the voice assistant this can increase the battery life.

Okay guys this is all about some of the important battery saving tips, if you have any question please feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you and visit again.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

January 29, 2020

003 - How to know call records usage in Jio App

Hi everyone, welcome you all to, in this article i will be discussing on how you can know the call status, internet usage, sent message status from your jio app. So to know more about this please read this article completely.

Now a days everybody is using Jio sim, in India it has become more popular than any other SIM cards, the network service is too good as compared to other mobile networks and the internet speed is amazing. As the usage of this sim card is more, people are often trying to know the status of their net usage, call records to keep track on its usage. So this article i am sharing you how you can know the status of SIM usage with the jio app.

If you are using a Jio SIM card, then it is must to have the Jio application in your mobile phone, still if you don’t have the application just simply search for Jio in the playstore you will get the jio application. Install that application it is of around 15 MB size. Once you install this application, register your mobile number in that and enter the name, aadhar card details etc. once it is activated you are ready to go.

To know the network usage status, all you need to do is simply tap on three horizontal lines present on the top left hand corner of the application, once it opens you may find plenty of the options starting from Recharge to various offers, to get the network usage status click on My Statement option present in the tab, once you click on the my statement option again this application offers you two more option, that is selection of date, and the statement can be generated for last 180 days, and that to you can get the status of network at a time for maximum 30 days, so you need to select the time duration from and to days not ranging more than 30 days, once you select the from and to dates just click on the below view now button.

Once you click on the view now button again the application will display some the options like my bill, plan details, usage charges, summary, T & C etc., to know the usage, just click on the Usage charges option, once you click on the usage charge option, it will start displaying the data usage, voice usage, SMS usage option of app. Select whichever you want to know, it will start displaying all the usage details, either you can export it, or else you can download the details in pdf format and use it for further reference.

By this way any of the Jio users can get there usage details in very simple manner by sitting in home itself. Okay guys hope this article is helpful to you, if you like this article then don’t forget to hit the like button and if you have any doubts, then leave your question in below comment box, i will try to answer it. Thank you and visit again.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

January 25, 2020

001 - How to check call details of Any mobile number

Hello friends, hope all of you doing well.. In this article I will show you how to get all the call details or messages received by your son/ daughter etc., in their mobile phones. The application i am going to discuss here is very interesting, so to get more information please read this article carefully and completely.

Now a days everyone has got the mobile and the kids are constantly on their devices through the day and night, it has become hectic to the parents to monitor their kids and to know whether they are using the mobile phone in correct manner or not. so many parents are facing this kind of situation now a days, to over come this problem you can use one of the most trusted application called "PhoneLeash", download link is provided at the end of this article.

The main drawback of this application is, it is available in trail version for 30 days, you want to use it further again you need to buy the app, apart from this feature, one can use this application effectively to monitor their kinds activities in their mobile phones.

To check the call details, messages etc., all you need to do is just click the below download button provided in the end of this article and download the app., once you download the application then install it, after successful installation of the app give all the permission which it asks, once you finish that you will be ready to access its features. Remember you should install this application in the phone from which you want to track the call details, messages etc.

When you first open this application, it will ask you to create the password so please create the strong password so that nobody can open it. and it is also having great feature called hiding, once you install the app in the victim mobile then press the hide icon, so that this app will disappear on their phone so that they cannot easily identify the app which is installed in their phone and there is less chance of suspecting about the new application present in their mobile phone.

The next most important setting is, add the mobile number or email of yours where you want to get the call details or messages from the phone where you installed this application. once you add the mobile number or e mail id, whenever this app installed phone gets message or call, the same will be forwarded to your mobile or email. you can directly checkout that and you can track the status of the person.