Monday, February 24, 2020

February 24, 2020

006 - Boost Your Computer speed

Hello friends, in this article I will discuss about how to make your computer work faster than ever. With some of the important tricks you can boost your computer speed, to know more about this read this article completely.

Normally any PC will get slow down for various reason, either through virus attack or through excess of dump files in it or any hardware or software issues it. To overcome from hardware or software issues you need to replace the component by taking it into your nearby computer service stores. Apart from this for any of the virus attack or excess dump file issues you can correct it by simply following the important steps as I am describing here below.

In general, most of the PC users will accumulate the data in it and every day one or the other way they use to put some of the files in their PC and once in many years they will remove or delete the unwanted files, so this makes the huge accumulation of files in their computer and it lies as a junk files and consumes the storage space in the PC. To overcome from this problem follow these simple steps.

1.   In your computer keyboard press the Win + R button at a time, this command will pops up the “Run” option in your monitor.
2.   In that Run option, there will be an open option. In that please enter “Prefetch” after that hit “Ok” option. This command will delete all the junk files of the browser and other software junk files which is no longer use for your computer and this command may release usage space from few Mb to few Gb space from your desktop.
3.   Repeat the step by typing Win + R button in one shot from your computer keyboard and this time in the open option type “Temp” and hit ok, now this command brings some of the junk file list in your desktop, you just simple select all the file and click the delete option. This will delete all the remaining junk space from your computer and may release few Mb space from your computer.
4.   This step is very important, all you need to do is run the command option by pressing Win + R button from your computer keyboard, this prompts the Run option and in the open option enter “%temp%”, in the earlier command we just entered “Temp” but in this step in addition to Temp option you need to enter “%Temp%”, this will open remaining junk files of all the deleted folders or images or videos or any downloaded files, once you get the list of junk files select all the files and hit on the delete all option, this will clear all the junk files from your computer and release the space.

After completion of all the steps, simply restart your computer and now you can notice the speed of your computer than earlier. So by this way one can boost there computer speed by following some simple commands.

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

February 23, 2020

005 - WhatsApp Latest features - 2020

Hello guys, welcome back you to website. In this article I will be discussing on the top new features of the WhatsApp application and its uses in your daily life. To know more about this features keep on reading till the end of this article.

Every day and night WhatsApp team is trying to bring some new features, new modifications etc in the application to make the user to feel comfortable in using the app and to give the some more additional features to the user, so that any user cannot look for any other application that overtakes the WhatsApp. In this way WhatsApp team announced and brought some astonishing features in it that most of the people are not aware, so in this article I will be dealing with the topic that most of us do not know.

First and foremost important feature during 2020 is Dark Mode of the WhatsApp interface; it has half a dozen of advantages over the Bright Mode of the application. The Dark Mode of this application protects the mobile from heavy consumption of battery, as the bright mode of the application consumes more battery power as compared to dark mode, apart from the battery consumption this Dark mode also enables the user readability more, as the words will be brighter in dark background it feels comfortable to read and this Dark mode also reduces the eye fatigue.

To strengthen the security and protect the personal chats, WhatsApp application team has introduced the fingerprint scan lock and also planning to introduce the face unlock features on the application, however the working pattern of this features is similar to the phone finger print unlock as well as the phone face unlock feature. Anybody who wants further security and personalization of chats, then they can use this feature effectively.

WhatsApp also planning to release its own payment gateway system via facebook pay method, where every WhatsApp users can make the payment by using facebook pay they need not to install separate application for making payment and all, as the facebook provides safe and secure payment mode any user will secure while making the payments etc. so this may become boon for the WhatsApp users in near future.

WhatsApp application also introduced hiding the WhatsApp group photos and videos from the gallery to enable this option, just tap on the group name you want to hide the photos and videos and you will find an option called “Show newly downloaded media from this chat in your phone’s gallery” by default it will be “Yes”, all you need to do is checkout the “No” option. Once you do this you are done. Again the selected group photos and videos will not be displayed in your phone’s gallery.

Okay guys, this is all about the WhatsApp application features and updates, hope you got some new insights about this application, if you like this article please give thumbs up and if you have any questions in your mind feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thank you for reading this article.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

February 15, 2020

004 - Know about BharatPe

BharatPe is one of the leading upi payment app in India and which is absolutely free to use, the most important feature of this application is, it accepts payments through all the other upi payment application like Bhim, Google pay, Whatsapp, Amazon pay, PhonePe etc., with the single QR code unless like other application that scans only that particular application QR code to transfer the money. By this way this BharatPe application stands top as compared to all other payment application available in the google playstore, so in this article I will be discussing on the steps to install and use the BharatPe application and at the end of this article I will be providing you a download link for this application, you can directly download it or else you can search in google playstore.

This application got the 3+ rating, and having 500 K+ downloads, the application size is around 20 MB, once you download this application, it asks you for sign with the simple mobile interface where it asks multiple questions like Business name, Business location and Bank details etc. please fill out all the basic details correctly so that your mobile number and bank account everything will be verified by the BharatPe team and the account will be activated within 24 hours of the signup process, remember it also depends on the information you provided, if everything is correct the activation of account will be faster.

One more important feature of this application is free QR code sticker availability, after successful activation of your BharatPe account, you can request for the QR stickers for free, the BharatPe team will send you the QR code stickers with your account QR code printed on it that you can use it in your store or any site where you want make business, this QR code is designed in such a way that it will accept money from all the other payment app.

Processing of the payment you received to the BharatPe application will be transferred within 24 hours to your bank account without any transaction charge etc, you can also generate invoice from this application, that how much sale or purchase you made from this application to keep track on your business.

You can also get loan upto 5 lakhs from this application without any paper work and without any bank visit and with the daily instalments, this is also one of the best feature for one who wants to start business or any other poor people who are looking for loan amount.

The Business card option of this application enables us to share your payment QR code to any merchant from where you want to receive money, this business card option is well designed with attractive QR code card it just look like a visiting card of our business with payment gateway also.

This is all about the BharatPe application, if you have any doubt about the application feel free to leave your question on comment box and if you like this article please hit thumbsup, once again thank you for reading this article.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

January 29, 2020

003 - How to know call records usage in Jio App

Hi everyone, welcome you all to, in this article i will be discussing on how you can know the call status, internet usage, sent message status from your jio app. So to know more about this please read this article completely.

Now a days everybody is using Jio sim, in India it has become more popular than any other SIM cards, the network service is too good as compared to other mobile networks and the internet speed is amazing. As the usage of this sim card is more, people are often trying to know the status of their net usage, call records to keep track on its usage. So this article i am sharing you how you can know the status of SIM usage with the jio app.

If you are using a Jio SIM card, then it is must to have the Jio application in your mobile phone, still if you don’t have the application just simply search for Jio in the playstore you will get the jio application. Install that application it is of around 15 MB size. Once you install this application, register your mobile number in that and enter the name, aadhar card details etc. once it is activated you are ready to go.

To know the network usage status, all you need to do is simply tap on three horizontal lines present on the top left hand corner of the application, once it opens you may find plenty of the options starting from Recharge to various offers, to get the network usage status click on My Statement option present in the tab, once you click on the my statement option again this application offers you two more option, that is selection of date, and the statement can be generated for last 180 days, and that to you can get the status of network at a time for maximum 30 days, so you need to select the time duration from and to days not ranging more than 30 days, once you select the from and to dates just click on the below view now button.

Once you click on the view now button again the application will display some the options like my bill, plan details, usage charges, summary, T & C etc., to know the usage, just click on the Usage charges option, once you click on the usage charge option, it will start displaying the data usage, voice usage, SMS usage option of app. Select whichever you want to know, it will start displaying all the usage details, either you can export it, or else you can download the details in pdf format and use it for further reference.

By this way any of the Jio users can get there usage details in very simple manner by sitting in home itself. Okay guys hope this article is helpful to you, if you like this article then don’t forget to hit the like button and if you have any doubts, then leave your question in below comment box, i will try to answer it. Thank you and visit again.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

January 28, 2020

002 - How to earn money from BHIM app

Welcome back you all to, today i am here to deal with one more interesting application called BHIM, and i will share you how you can make pocket money out of this app through some simple exercise. To know more about this concept please read this article completely so that you will get an clear idea about how to get money by simply sitting home itself.

BHIM is generally referred as Bharat Interface for Money, this application is one of the most widely used app in India for making any sort of payment through online mode. The most interesting part of this application is, this application is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India, so you can make use of this application and its referral program feature to earn your pocket money that to without any doubt of payment.

By using this application anybody can send the money by just simply entering their mobile number which is linked to the bank account or by entering the bank details of the recipient, by doing this within a fraction of second you can send the money with instantly and securely. There is no restriction for the users, anybody can use this application and take use of that, but the thing is you should have the active bank account, mobile number registered with the bank account and the Debit card as well, once you have all these things, you are ready to go.

With respect to the bank list present in this application, almost all the banks tied up with this BHIM application and readily giving there service via this application.

The most simple and secure transaction in your preferred language can be made by using this application, so this application has became most popular in India, most of the people have this application in there mobile phones, but nobody knows about the referral program of this application and how one can benefit from this, so in this article i am completely briefing about the referral program of the BHIM application.

For every single refer user will get 80 Rs., here referring means not only simply installing this application, referring means the referrer should promote the application in such a way that he should install the application and then he / she should make the first payment using this application, then only it will be considered as the complete referral. Once he make his first payment using the referral link the referrer will get 80 Rs. instantly, so by this way anybody can make money by simply referring the application. This will help the students are any other poor people who depends on there family for there pocket money.

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Click the below button to download the app:

Saturday, January 25, 2020

January 25, 2020

001 - How to check call details of Any mobile number

Hello friends, hope all of you doing well.. In this article I will show you how to get all the call details or messages received by your son/ daughter etc., in their mobile phones. The application i am going to discuss here is very interesting, so to get more information please read this article carefully and completely.

Now a days everyone has got the mobile and the kids are constantly on their devices through the day and night, it has become hectic to the parents to monitor their kids and to know whether they are using the mobile phone in correct manner or not. so many parents are facing this kind of situation now a days, to over come this problem you can use one of the most trusted application called "PhoneLeash", download link is provided at the end of this article.

The main drawback of this application is, it is available in trail version for 30 days, you want to use it further again you need to buy the app, apart from this feature, one can use this application effectively to monitor their kinds activities in their mobile phones.

To check the call details, messages etc., all you need to do is just click the below download button provided in the end of this article and download the app., once you download the application then install it, after successful installation of the app give all the permission which it asks, once you finish that you will be ready to access its features. Remember you should install this application in the phone from which you want to track the call details, messages etc.

When you first open this application, it will ask you to create the password so please create the strong password so that nobody can open it. and it is also having great feature called hiding, once you install the app in the victim mobile then press the hide icon, so that this app will disappear on their phone so that they cannot easily identify the app which is installed in their phone and there is less chance of suspecting about the new application present in their mobile phone.

The next most important setting is, add the mobile number or email of yours where you want to get the call details or messages from the phone where you installed this application. once you add the mobile number or e mail id, whenever this app installed phone gets message or call, the same will be forwarded to your mobile or email. you can directly checkout that and you can track the status of the person.